Provide Teeth Whitening

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Who doesn’t love a bright white smile?

Results in 20 minutes

Provide your clients with the number one teeth whitening system. Clients have received up to 14 shades whiter smiles.

Uncompromised Quality

You will receive the ironclad quality teeth whitening products and delivery systems. Made in USA / ADA & FDA Approved!

Increased Profitability

Teeth whitening sells anywhere between $99-$199 depending on your location. Our products are priced to maximize your profits

Teeth Whitening 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 Pre-loaded Whitening

Our Pre-Loaded Tray is loaded with the perfect amount of gel making it easy and giving the best results. 35% carbamide peroxide gel delivers a beautiful white smile to your client

Step 2 Apply Whitening Light

The SpaBrite 3000 Teeth Whitening light accelerates the whitening process by activating the gel and allowing the bleaching reaction to take place faster. This is key to getting amazing whiter smiles in 30 minutes. The results your clients receive can last up to 2 years.

Step 3 Whitening Pen

The SpaBrite Teeth Whitening pens are the most effective way to continue the whitening process. The gel inside the pens is 16% carbamide peroxide. The pen is simple to use, with a few clicks you brush the gel onto your teeth.  

Professional Marketing Material

We provide all the marketing material that you need for teeth whitening. The brochures educate your clients about the product and process and our posters will let your clients know that you provide cosmetic teeth whitening. We have you covered.

SpaBrite Whitening System

Our whitening system comes with everything you need to start whitening teeth. Teeth whitening is the perfect up-sell for customers looking to enhance their smile! 

The package comes with

1 SpaBrite 3000 Whitening Light
25 SpaBrite Whitening Pens
25 SpaBrite Whitening Kits
1 IPN Portrait Shade Guide 
2 protective shades
4 Posters
100 Brochures